Making Your Own Hot Sauce Is No Joke

I’m a hot sauce junkie and a pepper enthusiast (actual pepper plants, not salt’s best friend). I grow my own cayenne pepper and banana peppers and yesterday I tried my hand at making my own hot sauce. I bought everything at Target and used peppers I had grown myself – except for the dreaded habanero which I had to buy. Here’s a list of ingredients:

• habanero peppers
• cayenne peppers
• orange bell peppers
• white distilled vinegar
• garlic powder
• onion
• worcestershire sauce
• salt
• tortilla chips (for thickness)

The result? Not too bad. I added a little bit too much salt. My biggest mistake though was cutting a habanero pepper without gloves on. Then I touched my face. I imagine it felt a little like getting pepper sprayed. After about 15 minutes and a shower I could open my eyes again. I wrapped a shirt around my face for the duration of the cook.

I’ll give it another shot later this week! (feel free to admire my Polish “The French Connection” poster in the background of the photo above)

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