2012 Orlando Gay Days Has Kicked Off!

The massive event that is Orlando Gay Days has begun. Tens of thousands of LGBT folks from around the world have descended upon Orlando for a weekend of fun and awareness. If you’re unfamiliar with the Gay Days phenomenon:

Orlando Florida’s Gay Days Celebration is not a single event. It is a total gay and lesbian vacation experience. Gay Days is comprised of multiple events staged at world famous attractions, gay & lesbian clubs, and unique venues secured for the purpose of creating a gay and lesbian atmosphere at Orlando’s greatest theme parks and at multiple parties occurring during this long weekend. We have young, old, all races and beliefs, parents, gay AA groups, and every other section of our community attending Gay Days each year.

Gay Days began in 1991 as a single designated day (always the first Saturday in June) when the LesBiGay community and friends were encouraged to “Wear Red and Be Seen” while visiting the world’s most popular theme park. From it’s beginnings (spearheaded by the GLBT Community

Center, local activists, businesses, and the online friends and users of Compu-Who) with 3,000 attendees, this one-day park visit has evolved into a week long, citywide celebration offering round the clock activities including multiple theme park visits, cocktail soirees, concerts, and a host of internationally renowned parties. Gay Days attracts over 150,000 celebrants from across the nation and around the globe!

For a full calendar events for Gay Days Orlando, head to: http://www.gaydays.com/Orlando/Featured/

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