Hey, Watts Up? Bad Electrical Humor

There was some bad electrical humor going around the office of One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment today. I don’t mean “electrical” like the humor energized the air around us. I mean bad jokes about electricity.

There’s a wheel at the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment front desk that allows clients to win prizes like free smallwares, bottled water, or, the ultimate prize, a kiss from the in-house finance manager. This prize was being discussed today while someone else was talking about single phase electric – wires got crossed along the way and the finance manager thought they were calling his kisses single phase. He explained that they’re at least 3 phase. And the poor electrical humor continued from there.

To help erase those previous attempts at electrical humor, here’s some electrical jokes I found on something called the internet:

(Sign on the side of an electrician’s van) “Let us get rid of your shorts.”

What would you call a power failure? A current event.

Electric Company’s slogan: “We would be delighted if you sent in your bill. If you don’t, you will be.”

For more bad jokes as well as Florida’s largest selection of used commercial restaurant, come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. We’d love to get a charge out of you.

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