Brush Up on Your Commercial Refrigeration Vocab

Fancy vocab when you’re lookin’ to buy a used refrigerator

Stainless Steel or Aluminum??
When selecting the exterior for a magical box that keeps food cold you have three options stainless steel, or aluminum for the exterior. Aluminum may be less expensive, but in the long run you’ll love me for telling you to just go with steel for that option is more durable and easier to clean.

Caster you? Caster me?
Casters are an option in lieu of legs for your magic cold box. The casters allow for a greater range of mobility. Obviously this isn’t our first choice for a food truck, but many brick and mortar restaurants will need versatility from all investments.

Hinge left or right?
Most refrigeration units can be placed on either side to improve efficiency. At One Fat Frog…anything is possible to make you’re business successful.

Pass through application.
No this isn’t a app for your iPhone, this is functionality. Have your employee load food from the back of house into the unit then have another grab items from the cash wrap; moreover, have the client pull fresh chilled goodies out for him/herself. This application allows for less foot steps = time is money.

Hopefully a lil’ of what I’ve learned will assist you in finding the perfect magic cold box for your business.

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