Finance & Lease Programs- Excellent Rates on new & used restaurant equipments- entire projects

One Fat Frog Food service and restaurant equipment has a wide variety of financing and leasing programs for your facility.  We have programs to work with anyone from startups to existing restaurants and all sorts of credit backgrounds.  At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment our finance manager is excited to introduce some new Finance programs for A rated credit portfolios.  These new programs offer anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 lines with really simple application process and little to no documentation needed.

Clients who are applying for this program will work with our finance manager to provide the usual information such as business name, FEIN, their personal information and projected sales.  A few other basic pieces of information are needed such as location and things of that nature.

So, send us your application which is available online or call for our Finance Manager to talk to him specifically about your credit profile.  He can help you!

We are dedicated to helping you find finance no matter what your credit background.  The Frog can do it!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 407-480-3409


Frog Application

Fill out a one page application – takes five minutes or less!  It really is this simple at the Frog!


How do I get an application?

Stop in either of our 2 locations, call (407) 480-3409 and ask us to fax, email or US Mail an application.


6 X 99 Program

$198 down payment with first 6 payments of $99 to give you more time to get your equipment working for you before you make your first time payment.  This is a super way to offset your opening costs out of pocket and balance your payroll before really getting into the meat of the payment program.


Seasonal Skip Three Payments

This program is great for the wedding caterer.  If your food service or other business is seasonal than make the choice to skip your payments on (3) consecutive slower months so you can pay your bill when you have higher cash flow.  Often perfect in the restaurant industry for January, February and March!



30-60-90 Day Payments Deferrals

Do you need to defer your payments for 30, 60, or 90 days until you have higher cashflow?  This is a great program for someone still in the building stages and opening off-season.


Quarterly Payments

If you are the person who prefers lump sums or has large catering deals during different times- Graduation, weddings, New Years… well use the Frog quarterly payment program to pay only 4 times a year.


Graduated Lease

The Graduated Lease allows the small or large business owner to graduate their payments with smaller payments while the business gets off the ground.  This allows time for your marketing to work and your food service equipment to pay for itself.  As your business grows so does your ability to make higher payments!



100% Financing

Finance 100% of your equipment including all the sales taxes and shipping!



Start-up Program

Start up financing up to $100,000 for businesses with less than a year in business.  Under $50,000 with little to no documentation


EXISTING Business Program

Financing based solely on business credit.  Business should be in business for over a year.


Medical/ Funeral Home/ Hospital Program

Financing program for medical professionals, funeral homes and hospitals- this might be a great option for medical refrigeration, funeral home coolers and refrigeration and waiting area equipment.


Ex-Wife Program

This is where you send a lot of your money to your ex-wife and you cannot afford to buy restaurant equipment.  Do not pass go.  We do not recommend clients to this program.  Often only available to clients who have completed many years of skirt chasing and happy hour marathons.