the responsibility of being industry leaders

 At the Frog we know we’re industry leaders and do such high volume used equipment sales that many study every word typed and try to follow our plan to success.  Well, here are two secret ingredients you might not be aware of… and I dare you to add them to your daily life:

  1. A deep faith in that part of us that is deeper than we know- to me I say God, others may say Yeshua, God, Allah, Divine Spirit… but no matter what it’s an understanding that there is much greater than I am and that I am a mere arm of that…
  2. A commitment to the community to give what we can… and whether that applies to the handicapped man that the Frog helped move earlier in the year, giving at cost to churches and not-for-profits or donating cash, services, equipment and food to our favorites- Pathways Shelter for the Mentally Ill Homeless & the Center… well the ingredient here is not only our compassionate spirit but also our consistent commitment.  When we were but a mere tadpole things were tighter and we couldn’t donate as much.  But now we do what we can to take care of the Central Florida Community.  

And you know what… I guess there’s a third thing… we know who we are and don’t try to be anything but that.  We’re not going to be wearing three piece suits  when you walk in, we’re not going to flaunt our degrees, pedigrees or credentials although if you really want me to put up that wall paper we can… We’re proud of who we are and what we are.  We’re not going to overpromise and try to be who you want… we are One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.  We do high volume Used Food service equipment sales, we’re opinionated, we’re honest and we’re not pretentious.  Chances are you will come in and your odds are equal that you’ll find management sitting at a desk, talk to customers or working side-by-side with the team in the warehouse.  We’re not afraid to get dirty and we respect hard work.  We place every team member of equal importance because… well everyone is equally important. 

And so with that I’ll wish you have a great evening.  As you open your restaurant … or food service equipment dealership… know that you need to figure out who you are and be true to that mission.  Do what you do WELL… you don’t have to do a thousand things okay, you need to do five things WELL.  And while you’re busy doing those five things well be grateful for the opportunity given to you each day and help others.  When you boil it down to the end of the day we’re all just humans and here to love one another.