Finance & Lease Programs- Excellent Rates on new & used restaurant equipments- entire projects

One Fat Frog Food service and restaurant equipment has a wide variety of financing and leasing programs for your facility.  We have programs to work with anyone from startups to existing restaurants and all sorts of credit backgrounds.  At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment our finance manager is excited to introduce some new Finance programs for A rated credit portfolios.  These new programs offer anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 lines with really simple application process and little to no documentation needed. 

Clients who are applying for this program will work with our finance manager to provide the usual information such as business name, FEIN, their personal information and projected sales.  A few other basic pieces of information are needed such as location and things of that nature. 

So, send us your application which is available online or call for our Finance Manager to talk to him specifically about your credit profile.  He can help you!  At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment the banks come to us to close.  That means you will truly experience one-stop shopping at the Frog.

We are dedicated to helping you find finance no matter what your credit background.  The Frog can do it!

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