When things are going right they look easy…

When things are going right they look easy.  Others see our business model and try to duplicate it.  They don’t realize the time, knowledge and expertise that guides the Frog.  While we might wear mere jeans and t-shirts to save the world (think the staff of Google) those that bear the might Frog F on their chest below the t-shirt are actually of a different fiber.

It’s funny because the biggest compliment we’ve had of late are a lot of smaller dealers looking at us and saying we are trying to do what you guys are doing.  We make it look easy but once you know the capital and backing that has gone into the company, the years of relationships and the skillset behind the management crew you might realize that we’re mighty good at more than just drinking beer.  No honestly, we actually don’t drink much if any beer (well except for Mr. Mohawk the beer snob, that is).

Beyond the financial backing our organization might be warm and fuzzy like a mom and pop company but we’ve outgrown those britches a while ago.  We’re much larger and more organized then in the past with specific employees for specific roles in the company.  At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, we have team members who are dedicated to solely cleaning equipment, dedicated technicians, dedicated team members who do cosmetic and equipment painting and body work, dedicated team members for logistics and scheduling, dedicated team members for parts and service… dedicated team members for the internet… dedicated members for our finance team.  There was a day you could call and I’d answer the phone, have my pulse on EVERY and I mean every detail at the Frog, but those days are over.  I will, however, know your business, logo and concept.  And someday, you, too will be responsible for a little cellulite on my thighs as I came to this business honestly.

And we’re specialized, too, we’ve been in business a few years and know what colour our zebra strips are.  We’re not going to mislead you and charge you an arm and a leg for staging or delivery, fancy install or setting in place, we’re not going to charge you for plans or diagrams, but what we are going to charge you for is the best darn used restaurant equipment in the industry.

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we’re not going to say we’ve been in business for decades when it’s just been about ten, we’re not going to promise you that ukelele and bouquet of roses to get you in.  What we will do is sell you good used restaurant equipment.

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we’re not going to promise you guaranteed, superior, refurbished, new to you restaurant equipment.  We don’t remanufacture, regadgetize or b/s you we just promise you what we can do.  At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment we’re not going to tell you the equipment is “like new” and then you find out it’s a mazillion years old.  We’re not going to quote you low and then jack up with add ons.  We’re just here to do good honest business and our track record and client size speaks for itself.  We’ve started tons of restaurants in the nation and THAT is what we do.

If you have a dream, we make them come true with restaurant equipment.  If you want to talk logo, marketing and business plan, that’s what I do.  If you want to chat facebook, twitter and social networking… that’s what I do.  And if I ballpark your restaurant or dream I’ll always ballpark it high because I know it’s “better safe then sorry”  … face it, it’s the cheap German in me that makes me value a dollar.  In my own life I still shop at the dollar store and I ain’t to proud to say I come from the working class.  My family has worked for their food and will always work for their food.  My kids don’t have cells phones, iphones, laptops or the latest dolls.  They know they are to address adults as “Sir” and “Ma’am” and any adult is NOT to be called by their first name.  I know the value of a handshake and that is why when you shake hands with ANY employee at the Frog you’re gonna find a good firm handshake unless I’m having a bad carpal tunnel day and I might have to fish for you.

At One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment our employees will look you in the eye and tell you the truth because we stand up for what we do.  We know the value of the dollar and we’re proud of our work.  We’re a hard working crew at the Frog and each team member is just as important as another.  From our team of guys and trucks who went to pick up loads of used restaurant equipment yesterday to techs on the road, to techs in the service area, to guys cleaning equipment, we are here to back you up with technical knowledge, service and manpower.

So, when you’re ready to start a restaurant, call the Frog.  WE ARE BEHIND YOU.  WE ARE HERE TO SERVE YOU.  WE ARE HERE TO HELP YOU.  And in the interim let’s become friends and be sure to feed me, because the way to a man/ wo-man’s heart is through her stomache and I surely got a big one…. lol

Come in a customer, leave a friend!  And I mean that from the bottom of my heart and my little carpal tunnel fingers.  THANK YOU FOR TRUSTING US WITH YOUR BUSINESS.  It means a lot to us and the many, many families that eat each week because of your support, trust and business with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.