They’re driving to see us and buying!

Yup, time and time again folks drive in from all parts of Florida and the nation to see us.  I’d like to think it’s because I have a good sense of style, smell good and attract that sort of attention, but likely it’s got a bit more to do with our high volume used equipment sales, super extra deluxe free add-ons and that value that shopping with the Frog offers you in good old fashioned business sense and extra value of selection.

Yesterday was pretty fast and furious for us at the Frog in Orlando.  Sanford Frog was pretty brusque, too, but they survived… barely.  So in Orlando I managed to talk to a few clients who came in from all around the state, telling me that they’d been meaning to stop in and see our selection.  Met folks from Miami, Jax and of course Tampa.

The coolest visitors I had yesterday?  One of our very funny clients aka Barney who just opened (ask us about his hilarious imitation of Barney’s I love you classic) and was able to make us smile telling us about the big opening day he had.  Mind you this is just his soft opening and the sign above his door still says “coming soon” hahahaha!  This makes us so proud!  We’re down right happy for him and wish him years of success!

Another great customer is an oldy but goody.  They were some of our first clients ever when we were a little bitty dealership back in the day (play old music now… preferably accordion) when were just a little tadpole and dreamt of being a big Frog.  They came in last week and said, we remember when… Man has our business changed since then.  The sheer size of our facility is huge in comparison but the amount of team members we have now is even more awesome.

Those were just the few folks that came in and met with little old me yesterday and heaven knows I prefer to hide behind the computer or bowl of chocolate candies in the office… hahaha… just look for the trail of Twix and Reese’s wrappers and you’re likely to find me!

Come on in the to Frog and give me a hard time, I sure always have time for a smile and a laugh… and Barney, for the record, us girls do have a much harder time because we gave birth to kids….hahahahaha

Love my job and love my friends at work… we don’t have clients… we are family!  we want you to succeed and do well in life because life is too short- enjoy every minute and live the dream!  It IS ATTAINABLE!

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