Catastrophies and restaurant equipment financing… saves the day!

If you are looking for alternative financing to start up your restaurant then come on into the Frog Restaurant Equipment.  Our Food Service Equipment Finance Manager will work with you to get what you need when you need it.  By using our easy food service and restaurant equipment financing programs you will be able to free up capital and cash flow to start your restaurant while still getting the equipment you need.  Our Finance Manager has great relationships with many banks and lending institutions and by this I mean we do so much business he has relationships with the loan processors, underwriters and all points in between and around.  What does this mean for you?  He can actually call, talk to a human that he talks to many times a day and due to our size he has some street credibility.  When One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s Finance Manger makes a call he’s talking to one of his friends on your behalf.  That friendly voice on the other side of the phone probably knows what the Finance Manager had for dinner before, probably talked to him three times in the day and does so much business with us that there is a HIGH level of trust.

You never know quite what will happen when you start a restaurant.  We heard a horrible story from one of our favorite customers the other day that their roof caved in.  I guess as it goes the hot water heater burst, leaked through the ceiling and caused over $6,000 worth of damage.  Additionally there was a $1,000 bill (water or gas?) that came about because of this emergency.  When they called their landlord, he stated, check out your lease, it’s up to you to cover this.  HOnestly this whole store broke our heart, one of our favorite startups just getting hit really hard before they even opened the door.

So while you can’t finance a roof caving in, a hot water heater or a huge water bill or anticipate the depth of that sort of problem, you can rely on the Frog to help you out on the equipment and save the money there.  We are here to help you!  Call 407-480-3409 or email or stop in either of our two locations for instant answers… and we mean pretty instant whenever possible.