socially led, community minded…

Watching a documentary on Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream. A company led by their conscience. As an entrepreneur I always look for something to give me inspiration. And in this inspiration I look for those of high morals, high standards and doing their walk and talk simultaneously. To me, it’s been important to run the Frog as I do my life. To run the company by the Golden Rule, giving back to the community and being a vital part of that community. Yes, we’ve had fancy business consultants sit down and ‘advise’ us that if we did x, y and z which were against our moral plan that the Frog will flourish. And yet, we didn’t take their advice because it didn’t ring true to us. We are who we are. And just like Dr. Bronner’s Soap, we stand behind what we believe to be true.
And like those other companies our heart and our business run true. It’s not about the bottom line, it’s about doing good business and that means building the community up and holding your beliefs true to your heart. May we continue to remember that each step of the way at the Frog… whether it’s five minutes from now or five years.
From day one the Frog has been about putting food on children’s tables and now we’ve grown to include far more than 50 Frog kids and helping a drop in homeless shelter.
Thank you for your part in this, we’re all mere parts of the larger puzzle.
Off to another documentary to learn some more… learning never stops.