BAKERY EQUIPMENT LIST as seen on DC Cupcakes

So you’ve been watching DC Cupcakes and you think you can do it too?  Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 407-480-3409, for this great list of equipment you’re seeing.  As far as their facility, we would guesstimate it’s under 2500 square feet for front of the house and back of the house- I would imagine it is actually between 1200 and 1800 square feet with most of the space dedicated to the back of the house.  Need some more info?  The Frog starts up cupcakery bake shops ALLLLLLL the time.  We’ve started at minimum 10 cupcake shops in the past few years, so take our knowledge and use our buying power to your advantage.  Remember all equipment on this list qualifies for free delivery routes, 30 day parts and labor warranty, custom cutting boards and free custom paint jobs.  And we can also quick and easy finance you, too!  Looking for more great startup tips?  Come on in and talk to Google Girl, she loves to offer free tips, techniques, cheap get arounds and years of experience.  Why pay for a high dollar consultant when you can feed her Vanilla Lattes?   Here’s an abbreviated list of equipment and smallwares  we’re seeing in episodes of DC Cupcakes!


  1. 10 bakery racks
  2. point of sale system
  3. single door True refrigerator
  4. 3- 20 quart countertop Hobart table top mixer with bowl guard
  5. 6 foot stainless steel table  Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 407-480-3409.
  6. dry rack storage system
  7. mixing bowls
  8. dry bakery display cases
  9. 2 sets double stack bakery depth convection ovens Blodgett
  10. wire shelving
  11. double door T-49 True refrigerator
  12. three compartment sink
  13. using ice cream scoops for portioning
  14. full sheet pans
  15. sifter
  16. pastry bags
  17. 500 lb ice machine
  18. cupcake pans- regular and mini-size
  19. double Bunn airpot brewer
  20. airpots
  21. bakery rack plastic sleeve covers
  22. countertop induction burners
  23. simple menu boards
  24. chairs
  25. tables
  26. waitress station for coffee machines
  27. display shelving
  28. 2 induction burners
  29. pots
  30. countertop for front of the house
  31. shelving to store boxes

This is not a complete list of equipment Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, 407-480-3409.list of equipment needed for cupcakery  Call us today and ask us how you can open this bakery restaurant for equipment payments of less than $300 a month!