Our Finance Manager the Male Model

Our finance manager, the male model, was at a photoshoot a few weeks ago with a SteamPunk look.  Now this guy has a bit of crazed look in his eyes.  The crazed look?  Probably for fighting for finance and lease programs for his customers all day long.  Maybe a midlife crisis… (sorry, just had to sneak that dig in for our entertainment should he ever stumble across this entry.)  So, if you want to fill out our super easy peasy good credit, bad credit finance and lease application then give us a gander.  Call 407-480-3409 or pull it off the website http://www.onefatfrog.com, fax it in, drop it off, scan it, or send it via morse code.  It’s all good, oh yeah, and I hear he does read fluent Vulcan and Klingon… maybe a little Romulan but I think he’s better at Endorian.