Busy as Bees… errr Frogs

It’s a great day at the Frog.  Trucks coming in and out.

Here we are in our staging area and Dunkin’ Donuts drinking area… just kidding about the coffee.  In the front you’ll see several hundred table tops that have just come in and some new refrigerators and freezers that have just come in stock.

Some of our technical crew moving equipment as they’re staging for deliveries, prepping equipment for painting after trucks have left in the morning.  These are valued parts of our team- we couldn’t do it without their hard work, dedication and tears.  Okay, well none of the warehouse guys have showed us their tears but they certainly have enough heart and pride in their work.  These are the team members that with me thank you for your business.  The Frog has now over 55 children who eat each week because of their mother’s and father’s who work with us.  We are extremely blessed and thank you for your business.  We could not continue to grow without you

Here’s a great picture of us getting down and dirty cleaning equipment.  We take great pride in jazzing up our used restaurant equipment and making sure it comes to you in super shape.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment loves to work with clients from coast to coast, international and national.  From Montana to Egypt, Alaska to Kuwait, Italy to Japan, the Frog ships equipment, parts and furniture.  The Frog never sleeps.  Call the Frog hotline at 407-480-3409 or email info@onefat frog.com