STARTUP: horror stories of opening a restaurant, bar, grill, food truck

Horror Stories we’ve heard about opening a restaurant, bar, grill or food truck:

  • I bought an old truck, pulled up the floorboards and everything was rotted
  • I bought a used truck, I found out it wasn’t licensed and I would have to put thousands of dollars into repairs to retrofit it
  • After we signed the lease, the landlord renigged and told us he wouldn’t lease to us
  • After we signed the lease I found out I couldn’t put in a hood
  • After we signed the lease I realized how much it would cost to put in a hood/ grease trap (in parking lot & repave over) / air conditioning unit

These are not isolated horror stories.  Let’s say it never goes smoothly when starting a restaurant.  SOME thing is going to go wrong, but you can do a lot to mitigate your losses by educating and researching before the start of construction.  Have a good attorney look over your lease contract.  Make connections at a bank, get incorporated, find an accountant, get your menu planning and logo done BEFORE you are signed on the location.

Starting a restaurant, bar, grill or food truck can be fun with a project manager or doing it on your own, BUT you must be diligent and attentive to detail.  ONE FAT FROG RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT is here to help.