Sonic Introduces Sweet Potato Tater Tots! And the Crowd Rejoiced!

The first time I had sweet potato fries were at Salem Beerworks in Salem, MA and I’ve been a faithful follower ever since. Why more places don’t offer them is beyond my understanding of the universe. They’re nothing short of incredible and the best alternative possible to boring regular fries. Fast food giant SONIC is now bringing the gourmet offering to its chain with the introduction of Sweet Potato Tots (God, I hate the abbreviation “tots”).

The Sweet Potato Tots will be available for a limited time. According to data from the USDA Economic Research Service*, sweet potato U.S. per capita consumption has been on the rise, even as white potato consumption has slowed. Most impressive, sweet, sweet spud.

Sweet potato fries are now pretty common on menus at casual dining restaurants like Red Lobster and bars. Be sure to stay on top of trends, restaurant owners of Florida and beyond!

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