Dear Mr. Fama’s Pizza,

Dear Mr. Fama’s Pizza,

It’s me Google Girl here.  I know you were worried about me yesterday since I didn’t order lunch delivery.  I was worried too… I had to get drive thru from Mickey D’s since I was crunched for time.  It was fun to watch the Restaurant Equipment Baby lick their chocolate chip cookies, but let’s face it they just don’t put out a veal parmigiana sub like you do.

I shudder to think how they’d deep fry that.


Your Google Girl


Yup, I’m addicted, I order out to Fama’s for lunch a lot.  Basically it started that he has this great Gorgonzola pizza and I’m all about trying something new.  It was great and it became the rage I’d order about once a week.  I’m a creature of habit so it was hard for me to change but slowly I added in that tomato salad and one day… I actually ordered wings, thinking he’s got a great pizza with a stone deck oven taste dough so he might have passable wings.  Was I wrong- his wings ROCK.  We had not had such good wings in a long time.  So after that I was on a roll, so far it’s been Chicken Parm Sub, Veal Parm Sub, Eggplant Pasta and…   well I do love my Fama and do you think that 10:18 a.m is too early for me to call upand ask for delivery?

Which leads me to another thing you often downplay as an owner b/c it’s just quite frankly a hassle.  But delivery sells me at lunch.  Once I sit down it’s hard to leave the Frog.  Forget about running to a drive thru, I just need it to me, hot fresh and yummy.  Here’s the thing, another guy down the street had awesome food but his delivery was unreliable- some days he had it, some days nada.  Sad b/c his food was so great he could have cultivated a great following.

The other thing is are you flyering your customers in industrial sites and businesses to deliver lunch?  We have a manilla folder at work with just flyers from delivery places for lunch.  It consists of Andy Nice House and Fama’s Pizza.  And why isn’t your delivery menu in our delivery folder?  I’m good for about $30 a day in delivery.  Why haven’t you got that money yet?