All the Walk-In Standard Features That Are Fit to Print

Walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers are a staple of just about every kind of restaurant in the galaxy. From bars to pizzerias, from bakeries to vegan restaurants, everyone could use a big space for their unprepared or prepared items. If I had one in my home I would store all of my ex-girlfriends *ahem* I mean all of the rare and exotic meats I’ve collected from my years as a big game hunter. Sadly, the landlord said “no.” But if I was to get a used walk-in cooler or used walk-in freezer, I would get mine from One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Here’s the selection of used walk-in coolers and used walk-in freezers that just arrived at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment:

•    3 1/2 x 6 foot Norlake walk in cooler w/ floor
•    7 x 7 walk in refrigerator cooler
•    6 x 6 Norlake freezer w/o floor
•    7 x 7 walk in freezer
•    24 x 7 combination walk in refrigerator and freezer – 7 x 7 freezer and 16 x 7 cooler – no floors

If you are interested in any of the used walk-in coolers or used walk0in freezers listed above, hurry up because One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is letting them all go at drastically discounted prices! Here’s some info on the standard features you can find on walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers:

Quality door designs are vital to effective use of walk-ins as doors receive the most use and stress during use. Rigid, reinforced door frames and heavy-duty hinges provide maximum durability. Inside door releases are a standard safety features that operators can specify as a push-bar for hands-free operation.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers easy financing, quick cash deals, and package deals towards the entire stock of used commercial restaurant equipment, including these used walk-in coolers and used walk-in freezers. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also offers free delivery to nearly all of Florida, including Jacksonville, Tampa, Gainesville, Ocala, St. Augustine, Ft. Myers, Brandon, Lake City, Lakeland, Crystal River, Orlando, and more! So come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and check out the selection of used walk-in coolers and walk-in freezers! Then high five all of us!

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