A lesson from a Delivery Driver

Received a call last week from a great customer in Clermont who said, “Google Girl, I want you to know just how good your delivery drivers were to me.  They were so polite and helpful.  I just couldn’t get over it.” This customer told me her hubby was not at the business when she took delivery and yet our team made it so simple for her.

I just had to give the drivers the feedback.  They smiled and were happy to hear that someone went out of their way to call in and share that with us.

One of the delivery drivers said to me, “my personal thing is, these people are like guests at my house.  I want to make sure they feel welcome and know we are glad to have them.”  I thought this was very poignant and thoughtful from Mr. R.

A little about Mr. R- when we buy the team pizza there come texts from him, “Thanks for the lunch.”  When he gets overtime, “thanks for the opportunity to work extra.”

Just plain good people.  This is what the Frog is about.  And we’re proud of it.  Part of our plan is making sure we have a good honest team behind us, in front of us and beside us.

Had a customer come in two weeks ago, said she felt alone and overwhelmed by the process of opening the restaurant.  We talked a lot, one of the points, you’re not alone when you work with the Frog.  We’re here to help you get into business… that’s what it’s about!