Planking: The Final Frontier

Planking first made the news back in 2009, when when seven doctors and nurses working at the Great Western Hospital in Swindon, England were suspended for playing “the lying down game” while on duty. Planking swept the nation soon after, including the woman pictured above, who unsuccessfully balanced herself in her kitchen, causing her stove to topple over on her!

Luckily, she’s okay, and planking can be totally safe, so make sure you know your surroundings. And make sure the equipment is your food truck or restaurant is shut off before you perform some mealtime entertainment for your customers.

This week at One Fat Frog, we have tons of used and new charbroilers and flat griddles in stock, including:

  • NEW Tri-Star flat griddle – gas – 36” x 18” cooking surface
  • USED Star flat griddle thermostatic control – gas – 24” X 20.5” cooking surface
  • NEW Tri-Star flat griddle – gas – 24” x 24” cooking surface
  • USED Wolf char broiler – gas – 36”
  • USED Bakers Pride char broiler – gas – 60”
  • USED APW Wyott flat griddle – electric – 36” x 19.5” cooking surface
  • USED Vulcan flat griddle – gas – 72” x 24” cooking surface
  • USED Bakers Pride char broiler – gas – 58”
  • hood
  • walk in cooler- outside
  • walk in cooler inside




One Fat Frog buys, sells, trades, finances, and leases used and new restaurant equipment (everything from huge commercial ovens and coolers to small wares and furniture!), and offers free custom paint jobs, free custom cutting boards, free gas conversion, and free deliveries to more parts of Florida than any other dealer- even on walk in coolers/ walk in freezers and hoods to Polk, Volusia, Lake, Seminole and Orange… but wait that’s not it.

En Un Gordo Sapo estamos siempre comprando y vendiendo equipos de restaurantes. Le Puedemos financiar tambien en cualquier equipo que necesitas.