A Visit From Some GA Friends

People come from all around to save at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. Take yesterday for example. Around noon, a group of four gents came in all the ways from Georgia – that’s a good six hour drive one way! They had awesome accents and talked to me about a food truck they’re going to opening. These guys had some great ideas – their best being to shop at One Fat Frog restaurant Equipment! After checking out what we have at our Sanford location, they put another hour on the clock and drove to our Orlando location!

I’ve been with the business for months now and I’ve seen people from Arkansas, Georgia, Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina and even New York walk into the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment warehouse. That’s a lot of gas and dedication. Dedication to what? To shop with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment, a business that prides itself on honest service and affordable prices. If you’re in Florida but outside of Orlando and asking if One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is worth the drive, the answer is obviously “yes”. Next question.

For customers in Florida, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers more FREE delivery to more parts of the Sunshine State than any other dealer. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment offers an easy financing program that can help you get started in the restaurant industry and stretch your dollar as far as possible. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment also welcomes quick cash and package deals toward their entire stock of used commercial restaurant equipment.

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