Vegan and Vegetarian thoughts…

It’s pretty much impossible to call yourself vegan or vegetarian and keep up with a coca-cola addiction.  I know, I know <sheepishly hanging head> I’m rather disappointed that I’m now again addicted to the big red…

On that note, I’m still very excited when we have organic, raw, vegetarian and Fresh to Table/ Local restaurants and groceries come in and shop.  I love, love, love to talk about the equipment that is best for your endeavor and high speed vegetable menu preparation and storage.

For a while my family was actually on a Vegan No Oil Diet.  First week we all dropped ten lbs in a healthy way.  Yes, I even gave up big red at that time.  And that was rough seeing as coca-cola and posting on the internet are my two vices in life.  Yup, put me on a desert island or in an igloo and I’ll be just as happy long as I have wi-fi!

So what sorts of restaurant and foodservice equipment are we selling to our raw, vegan, vegetarian, organic and whole food providers:

  1. glass door refrigerators
  2. walk in refrigerators
  3. steamers
  4. food processors for high volume
  5. refrigerated sandwich prep tables
  6. undercounter refrigerators
  7. commercial blenders
  8. 3 compartment sinks
  9. bar blender stations
  10. undercounter dishwashers
  11. ice machines
  12. ice flakers
  13. 6 burner range tops
  14. convection ovens
  15. increased refrigerated storage

Soon we will post an in depth look at these varied food service establishments because they all have different needs.