Niche Marketing: Children bring their parents in

Niche marketing… you have to know your slice of the market and target them.  If they don’t know you’re serving them well how can you serve them.  Flash back a few years.  Great customer of ours has a food court restaurant.  I told them, if you’d only have little toys for kids I could bring the whole family.  His reply?  Google Girl, we have really cool plush bears.  Well, as the momma to now three beautiful girls I can tell you that we would be all over that at the mall *BUT* he has no visual marketing and to my children who choose visually generally over what’s good for them (or even what tastes good) we end up going to a random quick service restaurant that knows how to market well to little children.  Let’s face it I’m juggling kids and bags so sometimes it’s just easier for me to get food at the same place as the kiddos even if we’re in a food court.  Now that they’re a bit older it’s easier, but stroller days were a nightmare.

Now you can say, Google Girl, you need to take more responsibility for your children’s diet, etc, yada yada.  And you know what you’re right but due to the time in our life, going to the mall was a special treat and by gol I was gonna get those girls whatever they wanted to eat.  Try as I might I couldn’t persuade them that our customer’s bistro was better until they saw those darned plush bears.  then they were sold.

So I go back, to how many customers did that client loose b/c they had no idea there was a child’s promo gift that was pretty nifty?

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