Sanford to Start Restricting Feeding the Homeless

Following in Orlando’s footsteps, Sanford is on track to restrict feedings to those in need at city parks. Sanford will be doing this in response to complaints from residents who are afraid that feeding the homeless is making Sanford a destination for those people. City commissioners are also planning on tightening the existing laws on panhandling and homeless resting in public parks.

Two charities currently give meals to the homeless every Saturday and Sunday at parks in Sanford’s historic business and residential districts. These areas are currently undergoing a renewal, which I’m sure is boosting the anti-feeding restrictions. The Orlando Sentinel reports that:

The Sanford area, recently featured in a “60 Minutes” report about homeless children living in cars, has about 75 percent of the homeless population in Seminole County, according to the Homeless Services Network. In January, the group counted more than 800 homeless people in the county.

With such a high population of homeless, taking care of them is important. People shouldn’t be afraid when they see homeless sitting on park benches or being fed by a charity group.

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