Medieval Torture Device Found At One Fat Frog Sanford Location

BREAKING: Discovered in the warehouse of the One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment location in Sanford is this unidentified torture device, believed to date back to the high Middle Ages. Cursory research leads me to believe that this device was used to punish thieves caught stealing on royal ground. Where could One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment possibly have acquired such a rare item? I’m going to get Oxford on the phone right now!

UPDATE: This is a blooming onion slicer, not a torture device used on thieves. My bad.

This blooming onion slicer can easily cut a large onion into a blooming one (the best kind of onion). All metal construction and comes with small and large core cutter. I fell in love with a blooming onion once at an Outback Steakhouse in Ledgewood, NJ. We had a great relationship for about 30 minutes. Then she was gone (I ate her). They’re amazing inventions of food, complimented, of course, by that amazing “blooming onion mystery sauce” they are always served with. Sigh. Now I’m starving.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

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