The Horsepower and Diameter of a Slicer

My third semester at college the history department lost some funding and couldn’t pay me to make copies and dust bookshelves anymore, so I decided to find a job off-campus. I took what I could get and what I could get was a lousy part time job at a deli inside in a grocery store. I’m not bunching all grocery store delis into the “lousy” character, just this particular one. The people I worked with were a constant reminder to stay in school and study hard. What this story is leading up to is that one time I cut my thumb really bad while cleaning a slicer. It was morbid! So be careful when cleaning your slicers, folks!

Currently available at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment of Orlando are a grip ofused slicers at heavily discounted prices. You have to keep in mind what ind of volume of slicing you’re going to be doing at your establishment when picking out a used slicer. If you get a used slicer that’s on the low horsepower side, your used slicer won’t be able to slice through cheeses. When it comes to cheese and high volumes of slicing, the key is MORE POWER.

The horsepower of the slicer and the blade’s diameter are two of the key ingredients as you shop for a new slicer at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. If you’re not going to be doing a lot of slicing in one day and doing little to no cheese, you will be fine with a 1/4 horsepower model featuring a 6″ or 7″ blade. The 1/3 horsepower models can handle cheese, but not too much slicing. If you’re going to be doing A LOT of slicing (hours worth) a day, you need to get a 1/2 horsepower model. With your 1/2 horsepower model, you’re going to want a 7 1/2″ to a 8″ blade in diameter. This more powerful models allow an unlimited and continuous manual slicing of both meats and cheeses.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has a wide variety of used slicers to choose from – all at seriously loooow prices. At One Fat Frog Commercial Kitchen Equipment of Orlando, you’ll find a bunch of used slicers form brands like Hobart and Berkel. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment can get you financing for your used slicer if you need it. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only used commercial restaurant equipment dealer in the nation with its own in-house finance manager. Even if you’re credit isn’t in the best shape he can get you approved! And please, watch your thumbs when cleaning your used slicer.

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