Tired of Sleazy Salesmen? Me Too.

One of my least favorite things in the entire world is a sleazy salesman. The kind of guy who is too busy looking at your wallet to look you in the eye. If you’re like me and are tired of getting the run-around from sleazy salesmen selling shoddy equipment out of their garage, then come into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment. One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has Florida’s largest selection of used commercial restaurant equipment and a huge staff of in-house technicians who are working five days a week (sometimes six) to ensure nothing but quality used equipment leaves the warehouse.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is the only dealer in THE NATION with an in-house finance manager. This diligent man will not rest until you’ve got the financing you need to open the restaurant of your dreams. Even if you have the worst credit in the history of banking, One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment’s finance manager can get you the financed!

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment is just honest business done with integrity. And our customers can take comfort in the fact that One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment gives back heavily to the community. Donations of money, food, and equipment are given out several times a year and not once has One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment ever claimed them on their taxes. It’s not about the tax break, it’s about giving back. Oh, and we’re also much better looking than the competition.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment

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One Fat Frog • 1137 W. Airport Blvd. • Sanford, FL • 407-936-2733