Proper Seating Tips for Restaurants: Be Aware of Different Sized People!

Here’s a tip for all you restaurant managers, hosts, hostesses, etc.: people come in all sizes and sometimes women get pregnant. Sure, they didn’t get pregnant in your restaurant (I hope) but you still need to take extra care where you sit them. Same goes for people on the heavy side. Bigger people aren’t going to be comfortable with the table giving them the Heimlich Maneuver and pregnant women don’t want your furniture to induce labor.

Wooden and plastic chairs are a big no-no for larger folk or women with a bun in the oven. Even if you think you have the toughest plastic/wooden chairs in the universe, no one wants to have to worry that they’re going to break their chair while trying to enjoy their food. If their seating does break, you’re looking at some serious legal action. Save yourself the trouble and seat bigger people properly.

This also goes for people who already have children. Mr. Mohawk explained to us earlier that when he eats out with his lady friend and daughter, they always request a booth. This way they have room to do baby stuff like feeding and practicing backflips.

When in doubt, just go with a booth. Everyone – big, small, pregnant, neutered, etc. – is comfortable in a booth. If you happen to be in the market for a booth or any other kind of sturdy restaurant furniture, come to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in Orlando. Let One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment help you save yourself from that broken chair lawsuit.

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