Humorous Questions Heard At a Coffee Shop

A really awesome couple came into One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment today to see if we had a used dual heat lamp. We did, because we rule. During the transaction we struck up a conversation about their business; a cafe in Florida. What first struck us was the totally unique and bold name of the cafe. The second treat this couple gave us was retelling several hilarious tales from their cafe.

It seems this cafe is a magnet for unintentionally funny questions. I worked at a cafe for two years back in MA and I never heard a hilarious array of questions like this. The owner’s replies are equally funny, in a deadpan manner. I’ll start with my favorite:”What’s iced coffee?” “It’s coffee with ice in it.” “To make it cold?” —- Wow. Here’s another: “What does blueberry coffee taste like?” “Peach.”

The owner also told us about one time he messed with a pair of bald customers one time. While taking their order, he asked them if they wanted some Rogaine. Burn! This dude was seriously ruthless and had some kind of vendetta against Ohio. He said he hung a map of the U.S. in the cafe and when a customer asks a stupid question, he’ll ask them where they’re from. A pin is then stuck in their state. Apparently, there are a lot of pins in Ohio.

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