Cool Ranch in the Sky: Doritos Inventor Dies at 97

It’s a sad, sad day for every red-blooded gringo. Arch West, a former marketing executive at Frito-Lay and the creator of the Dorito, has passed away at 97 years old. I’ve never been a huge fan of junk snacks, I can’t deny the epic awesomeness of the Dorito. It just tastes good. And it smells incredible. My friend Chris back in MA actually has a Dorito ritual, in which when he cracks open a fresh bag, he’ll stuck his nose in and inhale deeply; absorbing all of the Doritos’ power. True story.

Amongst all of Doritos incarnations, the classic “Nacho Cheese” was my favorite. The only flavor that ever made me feel regret was the “Late Night Cheeseburger.”

Whether you enjoy the Dorito or not, you can’t deny it’s impact on American junk food. A true staple of video gamers, sloths, and movie marathoners (myself included), the Dorito is an icon. RIP Arch West.

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