Did you miss me?

Four- eyed Frog has been posting a lot on the blog of late.  Did you miss me?  Yup, Google Girl here and I’m fingers poised and ready to leave you some love notes.

It will be my job here on out to tell you the truth about Four- Eyed Frog and his shenanigans since you really don’t know all the things; he’d like to say his life is squirrel rescue, but really he’s not too much like Dave from Chipmunks.   Well, come to think of that, he just may be.

Now, little known fact about Four- Eyed Frog?  His significant other is a physicist.  That’s something special for sure.  We have a lot of men here at the Frog who love smart and strong women.  In fact our Finance Manager used to date a Rocket Scientist and I mean that in all the literal meaning.  So, smart girls, come to the Frog you’re valued here.

What else is going on at the Frog?

Mr. Mohawk’s baby woke him up at 1:30 a.m.   She was a little fussy.  Seasoned mommy here told him more cereal in the bottle before bedtime.  We’ll make Mr. Momma of him yet.

The Divine Ms. J… well she’s a sweetheart.  Nothing to pick on her yet.  I’ve heard a warehouse guy or two has said va-va-voom but we’re not going to go there much.  Shame on you Mr. Warehouse guy.

School starts soon in Orange County, even sooner for our Seminole County store employees.  Kids are going back-to-school shopping for the Fall, too!

Isn’t it about time you did some Back-to-School Shopping of your own at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment in Orlando or Sanford/ Lake Mary?  We do free equipment delivery from Jacksonville to Orlando and over to Tampa.  That being said how wonderful is that, Justice suren’t doesn’t deliver to your business.

Free custom paint jobs… you’re right… you’ve read that right, like the Hot Pink and Turquoise of Justice?  Want it purple?  Yup, we’ve painted Hot pink, Blue, Purple and the list goes on for exotic cooler colours… say that three times fast.

Purchase used with the Frog – value and good deals.  It’s just plain good business!  Call One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment at 407-480-3409