Here’s a good point about value

Showing one of the guys in the office today a used stainless steel beverage air cooler a local has for sale online.  They are advertising $1800 – no low ballers.  He said to me, is this a competitor?  Nah, it’s someone selling out of their garage.

I’m just wondering why someone would buy a cooler for that price when you can purchase the same one at the Frog for hundreds of dollars less, get free delivery and also get a warranty?  We have technicians on staff who work on the equipment and another set of staff who clean it up.

His response, Google Girl, people just don’t know they can get it with us for a lot cheaper!  Interesting for sure… So here it is, why you buying used restaurant equipment from someone’s garage when you can get it often for much less and warranteed from the Frog?  We also accept credit cards.

I just don’t get it…

Had a guy call me this morning trying to sell me a Henny Penny fryer.  I asked the age and told him we once had someone try to sell me fryers that were older than our tech (and let’s just say the tech was closer to mid-life crisis then his twenties).  So this customer says, well the serial number ends in 03… so maybe it’s an 03.  Then he says, wait, I’m mistaken, it says the warranty ends in 1989.  I laughed… yup, 89 wasn’t so long ago.  I was in college then, but selling restaurant equipment that is ready to go to a 25 year class reunion isn’t something we do at the Frog.

Again, this man purchased from a private buy with no warranty, he has to move it, clean it and all that jazz… it isn’t feeling like a deal right about now for sure.

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