Finance Manager Funny

State of Emergency at the Frog:  While we have quite a few employees and dedicated technicians we do not have a dedicated TeePee Purchaser.  So, yesterday there was a state of emergency at the Frog, while we sometimes declare “wipe it on your jeans day” once we’re out of paper towels, it just wasn’t really feasible  for us to run out of toilet paper and put this under the wipe it on your jeans policy.

So, the Finance Manager came through for us in a pinch again… he spoiled the warehouse guys with Charmin.  He said, “although your hands may be rough I will buy you the softest for your rears.”

Awww, Finance Manager, you’re the best.  And ladies, we hear he’s single… so shhhhh… don’t say I told you so but feel free to stop in and check him out.  We know he’s good at going to the store for Honey-Do items.