Bikeweek photo that nearly earned my beat down

Bikeweek photo that nearly earned my beat down is posted below.   This is one of my best friends Albert who is an over the road truck driver.  I got to know the family many moons ago when his son was one of my students.  So the other day, Albert texts me this photo and I reply, “wow, that picture’s gonna earn you a tail whipping.”  I didn’t quite realize that my text back to him went back to all these truckers nationwide that he had included in a group texting.  Some of them didn’t realize I was joking with him and soon my iphone was blazing with OTR drivers wanting to show me what life would be about…

anyway, enjoy the picture of Albert in his Harley Davidson Bike Week Biketober sunglasses and let’s hope he never finds out that I posted this on the internet or he might come down and kick my tail.

Bike Week Man