Cleaning Equipment

So the guys have the pressure washers fired up, the welder and a few other power tools, and right about now it sounds like music for my ears. I guess I’m so used to the power tools and equipment fired up that it no longer becomes an annoyance. Our guys are well-versed at cleaning restaurant equipment and they do a great job!

It’s just a daily routine to us here, but I can tell you we have tested a lot of degreasers. We know what to use. We have tested many other cleaning agents and we know what is going to work and do the job. Now, I’m not going to promise you that the equipment is gonna be perfectly spotless when it comes to you, I want you to clean it a little when you get it- Just like you’d wash new sheets once you buy them.

Our guys who paint have experience painting Mercedes and Porsche so I know they can handle your glass door refrigerator. They know how to do advanced body and metal work, so I know they can do your refrigeration proud. We know how to bend metal.

We are the proud Frog and stand behind the quality of our workmanship. We value looking you in the eye and giving you a solid handshake… well all of us will give you a solid handshake except for Google Girl here who is crippled due to carpal tunnel and typing for too many hours on the internet. Nonetheless I expect you’ll come meet me and shake my hand. Let’s do business the old fashioned way, you won’t get an answering service giving you options, always a good old fashioned human and we’ll give you our solid word.

We stand behind it. When new hires come on we explain what we work hard for as an organization. What we stand for. What we expect of final product going to our clients. We are here to serve YOU and we thank you for that opportunity and through that opportunity our ability to serve and return to the Central Florida community.