my whole sales game… it’s easy

So competition always wonders, what’s your whole sales game?  They’re wondering when dealers (themselves included) are going under… the rumors <okay, this one is a truth> are out there that I don’t have a life and I like doing odd things on the net on Friday nights.  But really that’s not the big business strategy that works for the Frog.

lean on in… shhh… here it is… my whole philosophy on sales because those boys and girls of you out there (and sadly some of my customers may have been my student back in the day when I was a teacher or principal) might know I have no sales background.  I’m not a good bullsheeter… So, we have this whole one training theory:  If you ask me how much something costs, I tell you $2 million dollars.  After you reel from the sticker shock anything I tell you is gonna look good.  This theory works amazing well.  We have two locations, don’t we?

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