The truth about our walk in coolers

Did you know that our walk in coolers- new units- come standard with a five year warranty!  Yup, you read it right.  Not only are we the lowest out there we’re also the ones with the best warranty on new walk in coolers.  We can also set up installation for you!

One Fat Frog prides itself in offering low prices to our clients.  We treat you the way we want to be treated!

One customer asked me yesterday, Google Girl, would you sell these units to your own family.  And you know what?  Without hesitation I said yes.  I am NOT going to sell you something I would not sell to my mom.  We stand behind our factory trained technicians and our refurbish team.  They are skilled at what they do and classically trained.  The actually enjoy the process of everything surrounding restaurant equipment!

Walk in coolers and freezers?  We can get you the best price including freight and we ship national and international!  Let us know what you want to do- let us do business with you.  Let the Frog save you money!  There’s a reason we continue to grow!