what sort of budget do I need to open a restaurant in Orlando?

What sort of budget do I need to open a restaurant in Orlando FL?  Here’s the thing, with One Fat Frog expert help you can stretch your budget FAR!  Yes, there are some things you need new, some you need used, some you need to make yourself or have your GC create if you are ready to go there.

Let’s talk about budget, and a good part of that talk is just how flexible are you?  If you are looking specifically for X equipment in a short amount of time and are not flexible on brand or size then you better increase your budget and even prepare to purchase new.  However, if used equipment is okay and you are open to different makes and models now you have broadened your horizons.  If you are realistic that functionality is the most important over like-new aestetics then you have even opened more doors.  Now those who stretch their budget the furthest even wait to plan until after they have the equipment.  Maybe they can use an alternative piece of refrigeration beyond the status quo.  This may stretch budgetary concerns in wild ways.  Sometimes thinking outside of the box pays off in great ways.   This means if you don’t have to have anything EXACT but are okay with a near size then you can make out in a good way.

Let’s talk about worst-case scenario budgets for a restaurant:

Barebones equipment needed: refrigerator, freezer, 3 compartment sink, handwash sink, 6 burner, refrigerated prep table.

final equipment list for bare bones opening:  freezer, 6 burner, refrigerated prep table

now throw in some chairs, some misc equipment like a charbroiler or flat griddle or equipment stand and we can open you for under $5,000-   Yes, it’s true, it’s been done before!

A good part of adhering to a shoestring budget is really looking at what is ABSOLUTELY necessary and what is wishful and what you would like to upgrde or add on once you are open.

It is possible to open your restaurant on a dream and a wish!