Technicians, Detailers & Refurbishing Department

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has skilled personnel to work on your equipment as it passes through all phases of our equipment checklist for used pieces.  This means we check the equipment on intake and do a full assessment and then do quality assurance check before delivery, too!

The Restaurant Equipment Doctor’s seal of approval is just one step in the line of preparing our equipment to go home to you.  In that process we also check and replace seals, fully detail the equipment, paint and refurbish the equipment as needed.  This may mean we replace knobs, wheels, legs or actually do metal work to prepare the equipment for our sales floor.

We have full-time staff who specializes in this and work on the equipment day in and day out.  They know what used equipment looks like, they have their hands on it all the time, they adhere to our high standards of repair and they’ve been dedicated Frogs for years.

Shop with One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment- we have qualified staff on hand for all aspects of our business service team.


Did you know we are a preferred vendor when it comes to offering loans, financing and leasing programs on USED and new restaurant equipment?  We have much more levity with it comes to offering you a range of options to open your restaurant!