Sale on Monday & a few words

The guys have been working crazy hours to pickup and deliver equipment throughout the state. I’m like the nervous mom of teenagers, waiting for their calls at all hours to be sure they had a safe arrival. And at the end of the day I can only say we are so grateful to YOU for YOUR business, time and energies that sustain the lot of us at the Frog. There are many families that have a job during this economic crunch and we deeply thank you for your continued support and trust in our business and business practices. One of these days I want to write a bio of all the kids who depend on the Frog one way or the other because their momma or dad work with us.  They’re a smiling happy lot for sure!


I’ve got an appointment with one of our favorite clients today. Last time we met he said, “Google Girl, I like working with you, it’s a refreshing change because you’re as attentive to saving me money as I am.” This is important to all of us at the Frog. When working last week with a new-ish employee and they told me about the sales they did, my response was, “that was a great deal for the customer.” Their feelings were a bit miffed, I saw their face fall. After some time they said, “Didn’t I do good by the Frog?” And then we talked Frog philosophy. We want things to be a good deal for the customer. If the customer gets a good deal they will refer to us. That is what our business is built on. We want you to go home knowing you got a great fair deal and that you feel comfortable referring family members to us. I want to feel comfortable that my mom could come incognito to any staff member, buy equipment and get the same fair square deal I would give her.

One of my early jobs was at an RV dealership, one sales’ guys folks came in when he wasn’t in and bought from one of his “friends.” Well, let the fight ensue because his “friend” did a regular sale with huge markups to the folks. This was how the RV dealership worked. I will remember that day forever and how the sales guy had no remorse. We are not highest profit sales based, we are driven by quantity and repeat business. I can’t tell you how many clients we have that Lori sends and that list goes on. It makes me smile when I hear about a previous client sending someone to get a good deal. People and building relationships are why we are all in this industry. So back to this sale, we’ve had trucks coming in and not even unloaded. Figuring on some late night unloads, staging, etc and we’ll be ready to sell our feet off this new equipment on Monday.

Here’s some items that are coming in: * tilt skillets * steam kettles * chairs * booths * refrigeration- lots of prep tables, undercounter, upright refrigerators and freezers * deli cases * dry bakery cases * 60 and 80 quart mixers * dough press * dough sheeter * bread slicer * dish tables- entry exit, clean dirty * undercounter dishwashers- many * pass through dishwashers- many I’ll post more later today as I talk to all the guys about what they put on their trucks. Again, nothing will be for sale until we have a full inventory and rock out with the Sale on Monday. But suffice it to say we’ll be bursting at the seams on Monday. I’ve got tons of funny stories to tell you, if it slows down I’ll post a few in blog today. Somehow I think we’ll have to wait until the weekend for the humor. Humor- that’s what being a frog is about. Have a great one folks- today is Breast Cancer Awareness Day- we’ll be wearing pink- well at least the hot girls int he office. Not sure the warehouse guys will go there. Next week we’ll be wearing purple. More on that later.