Bet you didn’t know….

…that our Sexy Sarah has ranidaphobia – or fear of frogs. She hates them. She’s completely afraid of them. She says that she’ll die at the age of 94 because a frog will have crossed her path and cause her to have a heart attack. She’s afraid of the ones on tv, even. Cartoon frogs also make her turn her head. It is the most unnatural fear – but to her it is real and present.

So it’s strikes us funny that she works for One Fat FROG, where we have frogs on the walls, in art, in statues and even one smoking a cigar. You won’t see her standing looking at the art work – that’s for sure. We’veĀ  been nice to her and not given her too much crap about it. But it is funny.

Poor thing. We wonder if she’ll ever get rid of this phobia. Time will tell.