short on startup capital? restaurant equipment financing made easy

It has just come to my attention that I can input emoticons in the blog entries.  Get ready for lots of happy faces!  🙂  Yup, we’re happy at lot at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment because we LOVE to help folks.  Nothing makes us happier than helping our startup restaurant owners and employees.  Thanks to your loyalty we’ve been growing like weeds and expanding left and right over the years.  We’re now able to employee skilled folks who specialize in restaurant equipment hot line restaurant and cold line repair, cleaning, refurbishing, logistics and shipping.  We’ve got folks in the office with YEARS of experience in finance who will work for YOU to get you the best deal out there.

For a long time it was tough if not near impossible to get financing on used restaurant equipment and if you were a startup with poor credit… egads… well forget that.  Nonetheless I’m excited to say our Finance Manager has been going to bat for many clients that would have been turned away previously.  In fact, a few of them have been turned down repeatedly but we were able to help them!

So, if your opening is delayed, overbudget and you’re finding yourself low on operating capital just let us help you out.  We can put together financing and lease packages for folks anywhere in the United States.  You do not have to be a traditional restaurant either.  We can finance mobile kitchens, commissaries, golf courses, churches, daycares, private schools, nursing homes and assisted living facilities no matter where you are in the nation.  Give us a call- we finance new and used!  407-936-2733 or