New Restaurant Startup Financing Programs

If you’re thinking about opening a restaurant, bar or grill please do stop by One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment and get information from our New Restaurant Resource Center.  If you have time make an appointment to talk to us about your dream.  Maybe you’re years off, maybe you have a good concept (it’s all confidential, we won’t talk to the competition) or you’ve found just the location and now need some help pulling it off the ground.

From help with other vendors, business resources, financing and funding we are a one-stop resource for Food Service and Hospitality needs.  If you are an alternative food service vendor like a hotel, motel, assisted living, prison, church or school facility, let us help you.  We have experience WORKING IN casinos, Chinese restaurants, Concessions, School cafeterias, bars, bowling alleys and assisted living facilities.  Yes, I mean working, getting our hands dirty and running the facility, managing menus and all of the fine details.  Whether it’s coordinating events for catering (we have done this, too) or actually front of the house serving let our experience work for you.

One Fat Frog LOVES to think outside the box.  We are the ultimate in Hospitality planning.

The NEW way of selling restaurant equipment- combining the entrepreneurial spirit with years of experience to work for you.

We have resources available to you that are unique.  You are not going to find these things at the competition:

  • New Restaurant Resource Center
  • Extensive contacts within the industry for other providers and vendors
  • Restaurant Equipment Doctor, technicians, logistics coordinators, equipment janitors and bottle washers (the last one would be me)
  • Finance Department with Manager and employees skilled to meet YOUR needs as an individual businesss owner
  • Experience starting restaurants and closing them- not only do we open restaurants but we help folks who close them and therefore know WHAT defines a restaurant that needs to close.  This translates to experience that we can offer to help you avoid certain tried and true loosing propositions.
  • Experience in product, repair, cleaning, painting from technical and professional standards that are higher than the industry norm
  • Multi-lingual support staff.
  • Extensive experience with independent startups… this is our business… making dreams come true!

You’ll notice a difference in the company from start to finish and in the customer service level.