Restaurant Equipment Financing Leasing Poor Credit NO PROBLEM!

I’m so excited, have to take a second to brag here.

Yup, we’ve got some great people here at One Fat Frog.  And greatness attracts greatness.

So let me tell you about some recent financing deals for startup restaurants and bars:

  1. Poor credit- score mid 500’s- startup restaurant- $9,000- approved same day, payment $300 a month!
  2. Great credit- score high, cash flow high- startup restaurant/ bar- $143,000 approved with supporting documents
  3. Poor credit- score low, cosignor requested- startup restaurant- $8400 approved same day
  4. Average credit- score average, approved $7500 in one hour!
  5. No credit- supporting documents, approved $8100 in one hour!

Yup- our finance department rocks and we work with you like an INDIVIDUAL.  You’re not a number.  Let us look at the whole picture and advocate for YOU and YOUR DREAM!

So, if you’re a small business owner or dream of owning a small business, let One Fat Frog help you!  We can help you secure the capital to startup your small business without the credit needed to garner a SBA loan through your bank.

What if you have A+ credit and want financing?  We have connections at the major financial institutions to get you great rates!

Let’s do it