Leasing, Renting, Renting Startup restaurant equipment

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment has the best finance manager.  If he can’t get you financed then no one will!  I’m telling you this guy is GOOD.  Hard to finance?  He’ll put the deal together and get you the money you need to make it!  So, if you have poor credit, no problem.  Credit scores above 580- easy peasy!  Give One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment a call at 407-936-2733.  If you have rough credit we can help you put it together with a co-signor.

What you might also be unaware of is that even if you’re a startup, we can help you open the doors with used equipment.  And, believe me, we’ve helped many a folks open their dream with $5k!  Yup, it’s possible!

So, let’s talk about financing.  Are you really wishing you could make this happen?  We can help even if you’re not in the greater Orlando area.  Florida, Georgia or nationwide… we can do the deal via the internet and telephone.  Ship the equipment to you and get you started on your dream.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment specializes in startup restaurants.  Whether you are an independent restaurant, bar, bakery, deli or coffeeshop owner or if you’re a franchise, we have packages for good credit or poor credit.  Whatever you need, we’ll make it happen!  Just stop in or call at 407-936-2733.  If you want to talk to our finance manager then call the office and schedule an appointment.  We’d be pleased to work with you!

Need to finance a liquor license?  Give us a call and we can give you a few referrals.