so dirt on the Frog

well, let’s update on a few of our regulars on the blog:


  • Football is back in swing and the Divine Miss T is rooting for the Steelers…
  • Pregnant lady is well, still pregnant
  • Google Girl has recently been distracted by Facebook but no worries she’s back to blogging as evidenced by her hot date with you guys tonite
  • The Restaurant Equipment Doctor has been doctoring… well he’s been busy…

That about sums it up.  We had Halloween Dress up, will try to post pics.  We had a toga day.  Again pics overdue and we’ve had too many days of the guys out of the warehouse pulling restaurants and girls in heels driving the forklift.  Well, mainly the Divine Miss T since it seems no one will teach me how to drive it.

Sometimes I think the delivery guys like to just drop off or pickup to see our shenanigans.  Stop by and ask Miss T to drive the forklift for you.  It’s pretty funny!  And if you’re lucky she’ll tool around in the Ford F-250 too.

One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment where it’s about friendship, fellowship, family and harassing people… well ina  gentle fashion.


Oh yeah and I did I mention we have all of our used Smallwares on sale for fifty yup you heard it like Fiddy Cents… but fiddy percent off!!!  This sale good thru first week of December 2009!

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