Bakery and open air merchandisers available now at the Frog

Here at the Frog, we strive to have the best selection at the best prices. That is why we currently have a number of bakery cases (non-refrigerated and refrigerated), as well as, open air merchandisers. All units have been technician tested by our in house Equipment Doctor and have been given his seal of approval. If you’re looking for fast delivery, contact us – 407.936.2733. Most units can be delivered in the same week; sometimes even the next day!

Open air merchandisers are great for impulse purchases and display purposes. Bakery cases are all about presentation. Presentation + Impulse = Sales.

Look to us at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for selection and value. Stop by today – 1137 W Airport Blvd Sanford, FL 32773 407.936.2733.

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