We love George Michael

It just came up in office conversation that the George Michael Best of CD has not been played of late because we let the Divine Miss T handle the CD player.  Well, thankfully it’s her warehouse day (pictures to come) and therefore when the radio fuzzed out I was able to control the situation and load up some George Michael.

At that point I thought it might be a good time for a little HR talk to the Divine Miss T.

me:  Uhmmm, it has come to my attention that you don’t care for George Michael?

Divine Miss T:  Well…

me:  I will have to start docking your pay.

Divine Miss T:  Well it’s really the earlier George Michael stuff I didn’t like.

<piping in> Restaurant Equipment Doctor:  Was that before or after the bathroom stuff.

me:  Divine Miss T does not like George Michael pre-bathroom.

Divine Miss T:  yes, I felt he wasn’t being true to himself at that point in his life.

…Methinks that Brooke Shields would agree with the Divine Miss T.

And so now we’ll have to qualify everything in our lives, did it happen pre-bathroom or post-bathroom?

Ov vey, it’s gonna be a long day at work if we’re starting here before noon.

Pre or Post bathroom?
Pre or Post bathroom?

I may be posting my pictures of Gay Bingo too.  Let me tell you, Gay Bingo is tons of fun- between numbers they sing Broadway songs and I’m definitely going to get some makeup tips from those girls because their purple dresses were hot!