Forklift Fantasies & Charlie’s Restaurant Equipment Angels

Warehouse Fantasies
Warehouse Fantasies

We interrupt this commercial for selling new and used restaurant equipment for a little warehouse fantasy provided by the Restaurant Equipment Angels at One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment.  Are you a forty-something warehouse or restaurant guy who had fantasies of Farrah Fawcett back in the 70s?  Well, look no further, call ahead and we’ll even feather our hair for you!

No, we’re not hiring for the warehouse this week and sadly this is not in the usual duties of the warehouse guys, but let me tell you… we’re still a pretty good place.

We go ABOVE & BEYOND in serving our clients!  And while we tease you the girls are in high heels, well the proof is in the pudding!  Here’s the pictures to prove it from our Charlie’s Angels dress up day.  The warehouse guys opted to dress as warehouse guys.

Do you need new or used restaurant equipment for your facility?  One Fat Frog works with independent and CHAIN restaurants.  We have a bid spec department and an outside sales department.  Give us a call at the FROG hotline.  A sense of humor, sense of style… well let’s just be honest wouldn’t you rather buy the best discounted equipment you can locally in Orlando?  Would you rather buy it from someone who is extremely knowledgeable, professional and looks good in heels?

We specialize in restaurant equipment , food service equipment, smallwares & furniture. Call us today at 407-480-3409

And if you’re still fixated on the Restaurant Equipment Angels on the forklift forks… well it’s time to take a break, take a deep breath and come on in and buy some restaurant equipment.

Sexiest & most intelligent sales & support staff out there… well there are a few ugly ones of us!  Call us- Come in- Experience the Frog.  And be sure to bring your sense of humor, you’ll be lost here without it!

There’s a reason we’re named One Fat Frog and it’s because we don’t take ourselves too seriously!

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Freight- statewide, nationwide, Internationally

For discount food service equipment nationwide call the Frog- prepare to smile, laugh- we take the pain out of buying restaurant equipment!

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