Professional Restaurant Equipment installation

Thanks to One Fat Frog Restaurant Equipment for this guide on the importance of professional installation of restaurant equipment.  And your first question is, I can plug that in or hook that up- why should I pay some company money to professionally install the equipment?  Yes, savings are an important factor at the end of the day, but knowing where to save is also an important factor.

We have clients who come to us to save money on equipment.  That’s an important factor in every deal we make- we want the customer to save money- WHEN IT MAKES FISCAL SENSE!

This means you don’t save money in a way that will cost you more in the long run.  For example, we commonly hear, “I found an ice machine for $300 – why would I buy your used ice machine for $900?”  Well, this does make all the sense in the world until you put together a little industry knowledge and a bit of honesty.  Ice machine parts can and will be expensive and you had better believe that technician you ask to repair the equipment doesn’t come cheaply.

So now you have a used ice machine for $900, it comes with a thirty day warranty and our technician has fully tested the unit.  This means you’re getting a good unit at a great fair price.  Now at the other side of the fence you’re buying someone’s headache at $300 and pumping in several hundred in parts and now paying a technician at the rate of $65 an hour.  Might be a good deal- might be a big headache… generally the latter happens!

Let’s talk about why installation makes fiscal sense– we want you to get a good deal.  Restaurant Equipment is not the same as home appliances- it’s sturdier, meant to last and also often has some sort of built in sensor or trigger.  There may also be other adjustments necessary (ie- on ice machines you will adjust them differently if you put the ice maker in the air conditioned space or in an outdoor or non-air conditioned facility or in a garage.)

So, why would you have someone install your equipment?  You want someone who knows the ins and outs of the equipment.  They will be able to provide service should you need anything.  Additionally you will find that they often are able to fine tune that equipment and assure years of use.

In the past we have had clients who are “home” installing the units and call with what they thought were product issues, when in reality it was just not understanding the fine tuning and installation needs of the equipment.

Use a professional company to install your equipment.  Please call 407-936-2733 should you need further information